0% alcohol, 100% spirit

All our spirits are zero percent alcohol. We distill from fresh cut botanicals, giving all the taste of a true craft spirit, without the side effects.

the pure taste of the australian coast

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Our story

Seadrift non Alcoholic Sustainability

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Our Ingredients

At Seadrift we distill from fresh cut botanicals that are grown on farms around New South Wales. It is the intense Australian sunshine on our botanicals that gives our non-alcoholic spirits a beautiful bright, fresh, taste.

Our botanicals are cut at night and delivered into our distillery each morning, where we aim to distill within an hour. The distillations are as pure as can be, containing a tonne of fresh herbs as well as a touch of locally foraged sea kelp to give our drinks that special "beaches" note.

At Seadrift we are sea lovers so protecting our local sea kelp and marine life is really important to us. We are not perfect but are on a journey to improve our sustainability as a business each day.

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Our Process

At Seadrift we believe in the art of distillation. In embracing the tradition of small-batch, copper pot distillation that has given rise to outstanding gins and vodkas over centuries.

This time-honored legacy converges with our innovative approach, featuring freshly harvested botanicals and unique modifications, to craft genuinely authentic non-alcoholic spirits renowned for their purity and their intense, fresh, flavour profiles.

Our commitment to small-batch production enables us to deliver a spirit of exceptional quality, mirroring the texture and mouthfeel of traditional spirits while showcasing the bold, signature botanical notes that define Seadrift.

Seadrift - Distilled Not Made.

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