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At Seadrift Distillery, our commitment to the environment is at the heart of everything we do. We believe in leaving a positive impact on the world, and with every step we take, we strive to reduce our environmental footprint and protect the beauty of our coastal home.


Packaging with Purpose

Our journey begins with our packaging. We are proud to say that 99% of our packaging is recyclable. Our glass bottles can be easily added to your collection bins for full recycling. To minimise waste, we use recycled cardboard for our boxes, which serve a dual purpose as postal shippers, reducing the need for additional packaging materials. We use fully recycled eco shipper bags, taking another step forward in enhancing our packaging sustainability..


Responsible Seaweed Sourcing

Our journey of sustainability continues with our seaweed sourcing practices. We forage our seaweed locally from the beach each morning, carefully taking only the small amount we need from plants that the ocean has naturally washed up on the shore. We never disturb growing, living seaweed, recognising its crucial role as a habitat for marine life. Our dedication to responsible sourcing ensures that we protect the delicate coastal ecosystem that we call home.

Seadrift seaweed non Alcoholic
Seadrift recycle all there waste at local farm


Caring for Our Planet:

As we produce our spirits, we are mindful of the natural organic waste generated during the process. Rather than letting it go to waste, we recycle this byproduct and use it to feed cattle on farms in the Hunter Valley. In an exciting twist, early research studies by the CSIRO FutureFeed project* have shown that feeding seaweed to cattle may reduce methane gas emissions, potentially helping to lower the carbon footprint of cattle farming. We are inspired by the possibilities of this research and excited to contribute to a more sustainable future.



Championing Local Sealife

As a coastal distillery, we recognise the immense beauty and importance of our local marine habitat. In fact close to the distillery is a marine reserve that is home to a large herd of Seahorses. These magical creatures are dependant on sea kelp and as a vulnerable population it is critical to support the work of local organisations to protect this colony. Together, we can raise awareness of their plight and create a legacy of preservation for future generations. 

Seadrift seahorse
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