Seadrift Green Goddess Detox

Seadrift Green Goddess Detox

Introducing Seadrift's Green Goddess Detox Mocktail, the perfect kick start to your health kick. Designed to improve digestive and skin health, aid mental clarity as well assist in detoxifacation of toxins in the body. The perfect mocktail for anyone looking to channel their inner goddess!


50ml of Seadrift Marine

150ml of Cucumber

150ml of Celery

150ml of Kale

150ml of Granny Smith Juice 

150ml of Ginger

150ml of Fennell 

150ml of Kiwi


In a blender, blend together all 150ml ingredients listed above until mocktail looks smooth in texture

Add 50ml of Seadrift Marine 

Pour beverage in a high ball glass over ice 


Garnish with a apple fan & mint sprig 

Serve, Sip and Enjoy! 

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