Coccoberry Glow by Seadrift

Coccoberry Glow by Seadrift

Feel nourished from within, with Seadrift Cocoberry Glow. A a delicious blend of berries and wild hibiscus, this drink is bursting with antioxidants.  Enriched with collagen  for a natural glow, this mocktail promotes joint, nail, skin, and hair health, while nurturing your gut with its probiotic goodness.


50ml of Seadrift Wild Hibiscus

1 tablespoon of Hemp Seeds

5 Frozen Berries 

50ml of Filtered Water 

1 scoop of Collagen Powder

5ml of Honey


Place all ingredients together in a blender and add 3 ice cubes to the mixture.

Blend until smooth 

Get a glass of your choice, however we recommend a rocks glass and pour over ice. 


Garnish with some hemp seeds on the rim and a strawberry on the side



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