Seadrift Hibiscus  Pink G&T

Seadrift Hibiscus Pink G&T

So what is the perfect serve for Seadrift Wild Hibiscus?

Perfect serve refers to the way the drink was intended to be drunk, it may not be the most decadent or fancy but often the most authentic and delicious.

Seadrift Wild Hibiscus with infused Hibiscus flowers, lime leaves and juniper berries is perfect served with tonic and garnished with edible flowers.

  • 50 ml of Seadrift Wild Hibiscus
  • 200ml of your favourite Tonic Water (we recommend Capi Dry)
  • Served in a highball glass over crushed ice.
  • Garnish with edible flowers or fresh basil leaves

This serve brings out the natural  floral notes and a slight tannic taste from the Wild Hibiscus. It is perfect served as an aperitif or evening spritz. Delicious! 



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