The Essential Guide to Non-Alcoholic Gins

The Essential Guide to Non-Alcoholic Gins

What is Non-Alcoholic Gin?

Funnily enough this is one of the questions we still get asked the most. What is a non-alcoholic gin? How is it a gin? Is it really zero percent alcohol? Does it actually taste like a gin?

Non-alcoholic gin is a distilled beverage designed to mimic the flavours and botanical profile of traditional gin but without the alcohol content. It provides an alternative for those who wish to enjoy the taste of gin without the effects of alcohol.

Having said that they are all very different and getting to know your way around the category can help you get the most out of these wonderful new products and avoid the pitfalls!

How is Non-Alcoholic Gin Made?

Non-alcoholic gin can be made through two separate techniques, one as a flavoured product or two as a traditionally distilled product.

For products distilled the production method is similar to traditional gin production, involving the distillation of botanicals such as juniper berries, coriander, and other herbs and spices. 

For flavoured products this may be the combination of distilled water and flavours to mimic the taste of gin without the cost or craft of distillation. They typically result in much lower quality and cheaper products often with significant chemical flavourings.

Does it Taste Like Gin?

Just like in the world of traditional gins there can be distinct differences between the mainstream products such as Gordan’s and the craft gins such as Archie Rose that aim to product more locally nuanced products reflecting the region and local botanicals.

Whilst all non-alcoholic gin aims to replicate the taste of traditional gin as closely as possible.  Flavoured products can take chemically or very light in flavour and mouthfeel.

Botanically distilled products can successfully capture the botanical flavours and aromatic profile of gin, offering a comparable taste experience. 

Some of our favourite products are locally made right here in Australia, including Banks Botanical and of course Seadrift Distillery’s very own Coast. If you are looking further afield Monday Distillery in the US offers a fantastic alternative and Pentire in the UK offers a more marine based gin.


How is Non-Alcoholic Gin better for you?

 Non-alcoholic gins offer a huge number of health benefits over standard gins. Gin is a high alcohol product and can there be damaging to both physical and mental health with a proven link to a range of diseases including stroke, diabetes, anxiety, depression and heart attacks.

Non-alcoholic gin offers.

  • Sleep better.
  • Lower anxiety levels
  • Less calories so easier to lose weight.
  • More energy
  • No more hangovers
  • Better overall long term mental and physical health.

Additionally, it allows individuals to enjoy the flavours of gin without the intoxicating effects.


Is Non-Alcoholic Gin better for the environment?

This really depends on the gin, the production methodology and company behind the gin. For some alcohol and non-alcohol producers this is a key priority with active programmes to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, give back to the environment and the local community in which they operate. Look for logos such as BCorp certification so you understand the philosophy behind the brand.


Are all Non-Alcoholic Gins the same?

Just as some different gins offer different flavours and levels of quality, it’s the same with non-alcoholic gins. If you really want to experience the non-alcoholic category at its best then look for distillers who are producing with craft, care and using local botanicals.

Going for a cheap brand, or a flavour product can leave you thinking that all non-alcoholics are bad when in fact there are some really special products on the market that are leading the world.

Our top tip is to avoid the supermarkets and mainstream liquor wholesalers there are a lot of very average products here. Seek out the local, regional craft producers or store. Often the quality level is much higher.

Or why not try before you buy, by tasting what’s on the menu at your local restaurant or try what’s on the menu the next time you are out, you’ll also get a great serve with some incredible mixologists really leading the way with great cocktail alternatives.


Are Non-alcoholic Gins actually alcohol free?

Great question. Actually, no they are not. Some are zero percent and others 0.5% - so check the label to know for sure. 


Why are Non-Alcoholic Gins so expensive?

The cost of non-alcoholic gin can be influenced by several factors, including the quality of ingredients used, the complexity of production methods, and the brand's reputation. Additionally, the market for non-alcoholic beverages is still relatively niche compared to alcoholic beverages, which can affect economies of scale and production costs. Essentially the old adage "you get what you pay for" applies here too! 

What cocktails can I make with Non-Alcoholic Gin?

Non-alcoholic gin can be used as a substitute for traditional gin in a variety of cocktails, including classic options like the gin and tonic, martini, and negroni. Try mixing up your favourite cocktail using a non-alcoholic alternative – it’s a great way to get more usage out of your products and add variety to your non-alcoholic drink options.

We have even got customers who add half gin / half non-alc gin to their cocktails to have a little bit of the buzz with all the flavour and half the hangover!


Where can I buy Non-Alcoholic Gin?

Non-alcoholic gin is increasingly available in specialty liquor stores, online retailers, and some supermarkets.

Additionally, many distilleries and beverage companies produce their own non-alcoholic gin brands, which may be available for purchase directly from their websites or tasting rooms.

Or check out your favourite restaurant menu, so many of the top restaurants and bars do not have a great non-alcoholic cocktail list.

Are there other Non-Alcoholic Spirits?

There is a growing market for non-alcoholic spirits, including alternatives to vodka, rum, tequila, and whiskey. What this space as at Seadrift we have some excellent quality products coming your way real soon.


Where can I visit a Non-Alcoholic Distillery?

Seadrift is Australia’s first non-alcoholic distillery; we are open for tastings during the week and for zero alcohol mixology classes and foraging tours. Check out our website for more information or bookings at


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