Wild Hibiscus & Blood Orange Mimosa

Wild Hibiscus & Blood Orange Mimosa

Fresh and light, this delicious Mimosa elevated the delicate flavours of Wild Hibiscus and Blood Orange with a zesty, refreshing tang that's perfect for any celebration! 


 35ml Seadrift Wild Hibiscus

35ml Grapefruit Juice

15ml Blood Orange Aperitif or Fresh Orange Juice

5ml Lemon Juice

10ml Simple Sugar (sugar and water solution in equal parts mixed together)

Soda Water (to top up)


Dried Blood Orange Cocktail Segment

Champagne Flute


Place the Seadrift Wild Hibiscus, grapefruit juice, blood orange aperitif, lemon juice and simple sugar into a glass with some cocktail ice. Stir together to cool the drink down, then strain the drink into a champagne flute, top up with soda water and gentle mix. Cheers!




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